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Spygate: The Atlantis Cooperative's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Spygate: The Atlantis Cooperative

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fic: a good solution [02 Aug 2007|09:36pm]

TITLE: A Good Solution
STATUS: Complete
SUMMARY: And the man with the golden gun thinks he knows so much.

A Good Solution

[12 Apr 2006|09:53pm]

Some new icons.


The rest are behind hereCollapse )
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[21 Mar 2006|04:09pm]

More Icons for you all

There isn't many so they are behind hereCollapse )
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[19 Mar 2006|09:30pm]

After a long wait, I made some icons. I dont really remember where I got the SGA pictures from, so credit goes to those who made them.



Icons this wayCollapse )
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[03 Mar 2006|07:41am]

I come bearing icons :)

1. Images came from all over the place.
2. No hotlinking
3. Credit when credit is due


1. 2.

The are this way --->Collapse )
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Spygate Fanart [21 Feb 2006|01:43am]


For melyanna and athenaktt.

I think this one almost made my brain go kaboom. It was supposed to be a Transporter style banner, but then halfway it took a turn towards James Bond (Die Another Day)... and ended up as their bizarre love child.

Edited: My brother (at 3am in the morning, I might add) suggested I make a wallpaper sized version. Well, sleep is not an option once the creative juices get going. Shep's legs were a problem, but we'll ignore that little bit. So wallpaper seen here.

Crossposted to my journal.
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[29 Jan 2006|12:53pm]


I come bringing iconage, warning there might be some spoilers in there as well.

Happy Sunday!



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New moderator [17 Jan 2006|09:12pm]

My online time in the next several weeks is likely to be very limited due to some events in my personal life, so I've asked lamichelle to step in as moderator, both here and at langford_u. As you've never given me problems, I don't really expect it to be an issue, but I'll feel better knowing that there's someone consistently online who can take care of you hooligans. ;) Also, you're likely to get a much faster response to any questions you might have if you contact her instead of me for a while.
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Singapore Sling (Fic) [19 Dec 2005|08:30pm]

Title: Singapore Sling
Characters: Sheppard and an assortment of irregular characters
Rating: PG13 (Minor violence)
Summary: Sheppard is sent to Singapore on an assignment. Complications ensue. A complete story.
Word Count: 3764
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters... well, Sheppard anyway...  but enjoyed playing with them.

Written for spygate. Thanks to Radon for looking at the first draft and making comments. Also many thanks to melyanna; for her permission to post this here.
This is my first spy fic... so feedback would be appreciated.

Singapore SlingCollapse )
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new wallpaper [18 Dec 2005|04:34pm]

John/Elizabeth focused though really gen. Dedicated the melyanna for her great fic, beautiful icons and hard work maintaining spygate and langford_u

photobucket made it a whole lot smallerCollapse )

The jpeg file is 1.64mbs, and much better than the sized version, so I uploaded it to yousendit.
s24.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3U0I5LSNPYJQH3GB64EG0UT7VW (paste in browser)

let me know if the link defunts and I'll be happy to reupload. (reuploaded 1/6/06)

manips are my own
resources include:
multiple stock photo sites
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Z is for Zelenka [11 Dec 2005|02:04pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: Z is for Zelenka
Author: starrylizard
Rating: kiddy-friendly, gen
Summary: Z unveils some new toys
Notes: Written for spygate. This was originally part of my fic, A new Enemy Rises, but I couldn’t seem to make it fit right, so I turned it into its own ficlet. akime_hime recently came up with the same idea for Syler and I agree he would make a good Q-like character too, so I left it very open. Who’s to say we can’t have several one-letter code-named scientists running around? The pair of them working together could be very cute. Thanks be to rinkle for the beta.

Z is for ZelenkaCollapse )

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Fic: Game On (conclusion) [07 Dec 2005|03:58pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Continued from this page.

(Part I
Part II)

Game On: Part III...bCollapse )

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Fic: Game On (3/3) [07 Dec 2005|03:56pm]

[ mood | content ]

Header information in Part I; Part II is available here.

Also, because I'm a bit of a longwinded idiot, Part III is longer than LJ will actually allow in a single entry. So Part IIIb is linked to at the end.

Game On: Part IIICollapse )

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Fic: Game On (2/3) [03 Dec 2005|10:37pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Header information for this fic can be found in Part I.

Mel's notes: My apologies for not responding to individual reviews – I will get to that eventually, but the combination of a nasty cold and some marathon Christmas shopping sapped me of most of my energy this week. For now, I'll just say thank you to everyone who's read. :)

Game On, Part IICollapse )

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[01 Dec 2005|09:05pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

Okay, I am like SOOO new here. >_> *joined like 4 hours ago* But something just hit me: Wouldn't Siler make a perfect tech guy? In the same vein as Q from the Bond movies. With the weapons and the gadgets. o____o It's just a thought.

Feel free to kick me.

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Fic: Game On (1/3) [30 Nov 2005|10:55pm]

[ mood | vaguely ill ]

Title: Game On
Author: Melyanna
Rating: Teen-friendly
Pairings: Sheppard/Weir, with a little Cadman/Beckett and some vague hints at Sam/Jack
Summary: When the Atlantis Cooperative’s latest threat is at its doorstep, Agents Elizabeth Weir and John Sheppard find themselves dancing around a dangerous foe – and each other.
Notes: Many, many thanks to bluebanrigh, for successfully navigating and untangling scores of confusing sentences, and to hatcheter, for salvaging my action scenes. And more thanks to yadre for a lot of information that was invaluable. This is a fic in three parts, and while it doesn't contain specific spoilers for SG-1 or Atlantis (obviously), it does vaguely follow a story arc from the first season of Atlantis. Also, I blatantly stole borrowed the title from an episode of The West Wing, the plot of which has nothing to do with this.

Game On: Part ICollapse )

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Spygate Art [28 Nov 2005|01:07am]

My Shep/Weir muse had decided to return after reading Mel's upcoming Spygate fic.

Crossposted to me journal.
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Spygate – the trailer [23 Nov 2005|06:26am]

Another product of my insomnia. I hit upon the idea several weeks ago that there was enough footage of the SG-1 cast in action in civilian clothes to make a spygate dedicated video. This wasn’t the case for Atlantis, of course, and I considered looking for other work from the lead actors to try to fill the holes.

Of course, the bigger issue I had was picking the right piece of music. I found that earlier this week, while watching my copies of the short-lived but very good FBI drama ‘The Inside’. The opening music was very dramatic, and only 30 seconds long; perfect for a short teaser vid.

( download behind fake cut )

Cross-posted pretty much everywhere.
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[11 Nov 2005|09:38pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: A new Enemy Rises
Author: Starrylizard
Rating: Teen-friendly (language and violence comparable to the show)
Summary: A new enemy is unveiled, as Agents Sheppard and Weir race to complete their mission and rescue an informant.
Notes: Written for spygate. Thanks to Jess (shoemoney2night) for her suggestions on the draft. Any spelling or grammatical errors are all mine, so please let me know and I'll edit the post. Comments welcome, but it's the first time I've published to a community, so please be nice.

A New Enemy Rises

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[07 Nov 2005|01:07am]
I watched the interpreter tonight and oddly it has inspired spy!gate plot bunnies. perhaps even ones that could turn into plot-y fic. but before i got started i wanted to throw a few questions out there.

What it Atlantis Corps' mission statement, exactly? I now that it's generally, 'saving the world thru espionage' but is there anything in particular they're saving it from?

Obviously they've got international immunity/acceptance, or at least international 'we'll look the other way while you get stuff done" - but are they completely covert? somewhat known? are they UN sanctioned? have they got governmental opposition or any kind? or are they supported by a few countries/most countries? I have a feeling it's not funded by any specific governemt, but it there a big benafactor/ceator?

Is it a more Alias type world? or a MI-5/Spooks type world, or a La Femme Nikita type world?

not that any of those questions would have very much direct bearing on any of the main characters, but it would help me get the atmosphere down, figure out what kind of world they're running around blowing stuff up in. :-D

Anyway, i would love to see some opinions. Maybe I'm trying to make this more serious/finnicky than it should be. if you think that, just tell me and I stop :-D
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