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Spygate Fanart

For melyanna and athenaktt.

I think this one almost made my brain go kaboom. It was supposed to be a Transporter style banner, but then halfway it took a turn towards James Bond (Die Another Day)... and ended up as their bizarre love child.

Edited: My brother (at 3am in the morning, I might add) suggested I make a wallpaper sized version. Well, sleep is not an option once the creative juices get going. Shep's legs were a problem, but we'll ignore that little bit. So wallpaper seen here.

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Sheppard/Weir (Spygate)

New moderator

My online time in the next several weeks is likely to be very limited due to some events in my personal life, so I've asked lamichelle to step in as moderator, both here and at langford_u. As you've never given me problems, I don't really expect it to be an issue, but I'll feel better knowing that there's someone consistently online who can take care of you hooligans. ;) Also, you're likely to get a much faster response to any questions you might have if you contact her instead of me for a while.
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Singapore Sling (Fic)

Title: Singapore Sling
Characters: Sheppard and an assortment of irregular characters
Rating: PG13 (Minor violence)
Summary: Sheppard is sent to Singapore on an assignment. Complications ensue. A complete story.
Word Count: 3764
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters... well, Sheppard anyway...  but enjoyed playing with them.

Written for spygate. Thanks to Radon for looking at the first draft and making comments. Also many thanks to melyanna; for her permission to post this here.
This is my first spy fic... so feedback would be appreciated.

Singapore SlingCollapse )
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new wallpaper

John/Elizabeth focused though really gen. Dedicated the melyanna for her great fic, beautiful icons and hard work maintaining spygate and langford_u

photobucket made it a whole lot smallerCollapse )

The jpeg file is 1.64mbs, and much better than the sized version, so I uploaded it to yousendit. (paste in browser)

let me know if the link defunts and I'll be happy to reupload. (reuploaded 1/6/06)

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